I   m   a   g   e          C   o   n   s   t   r   u   c   t   i   o   n


The Difference

The Artistry Factory is a place where the creative ability is brought into existence by the services provided, as an image construction tailored to the client.   It's a space which inspires to enjoy the vivacity of colors, art and beauty surrounding, and within us.  Our beyond compare service will provide you with a lively inspiration where you can unwind with the assurance of the satisfaction by the dedication of our team.  Our skilled personnel will advise, and direct you in the care, and attention needed to portrait the sculpture of your image by an unequaled level of service and education.

Our commitment to the professional beauty industry goes far beyond great products, when it comes to passion our actions speak louder than words. 

Artistic Team


Loyda De Los Reyes
Hair Artist/Owner

A Hair Artist with an incredible skill set that refuses to go unnoticed. Starting her career within the hair industry at the age of 17, Loyda was constantly looking for the next opportunity in order to make her mark on the industry she loves.  Currently based in Yuma, AZ, Loyda has worked and directed in various salons in Arizona and California.
While Loyda’s accomplishments on the national and international stages are but distant dreams for most, she takes none of this for granted and refuses to forget her roots.
Passionate for the art in this world, her love for art has been part of her life through music, and hair design since her childhood. Being a Hairstylist, musician, and vocalist have brought her passion to life.