I   m   a   g   e          C   o   n   s   t   r   u   c   t   i   o   n

the Experience

A sophisticated customer-focused service, creating an extraordinary guest experience in the salon.

The attention to each guest's wants and needs, is a guarantee of an ultimate service experience. 

the Reservation Desk 


A 5-star concierge service experience, the salon experience begins and ends here. —what do you crave?

the Design Center

An enjoyable and educational opportunity to discover your inner beauty, while providing options to help you look salon-styled each and every day!

The “Design Center” is where our talented  Professionals create haircut designs and finishing. Each guest is ensured fresh cutting capes, and individually wrapped brushes.

Learn how to take your hairdresser home! Perfect the skills needed to replicate your salon look every day!

the Wash House


The ultimate rest and relaxation experience. Stop the clock! A 1 hour massage has the benefits of 8 hours of sleep. Fifteen minutes in the Wash House is like a 2-hour nap! The Wash House is intended to be a quiet shampoo experience, so please refrain from talking and use of cell phones… it’s time to relax. Choose from one of the many upgrades from our wash house menu to make this the best part of your experience.

Watercolor Paints
the Color Bar


A celebration of color and the opportunity to maximize the experience with add-ons that will make you look and feel great! Where the focus on personalization, customization, creativity and artistry is our job.

Pouring Coffee

the Beverage Bar

Complimentary beverages that will make you feel at home and make your time at the artistry factory an experience.